How to Shave Your Pubic Hair in 4 Steps

Want to know how to shave your pubic hair? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a newbie to the world of manscaping or you’re a seasoned pro, follow these steps for a gentle and easy pubic shave. Keep reading to learn how to shave your pubic hair from identifying the right tools for the job to best tips for intimate trimming and shaving. Finally, we will give you all the necessary details on caring for your pubic area post-shave so you can experience long lasting comfort.

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    Choosing the Right Tools

    The first step to shaving your pubes is assembling the right tools for the job:

    • Trimmer – Choose a trimmer that’s designed for the pubic area. We recommend the Gillette Intimate Pubic Hair Trimmer. It has closely spaced blades to avoid nicks and cuts.
    • Shave Cream – Good old-fashioned soap and water aren’t going to cut it when you’re cutting your pubic hair. Shaving cream creates a layer of protection between the blades and your skin. We like Gillette Intimate Pubic Shave Cream and Cleanser because its formula includes soothing aloe vera.
    • Razor & Blades – It may sound counterintuitive, but the sharper your razor, the better. Why? Because a sharp razor gets the job done in one gentle stroke with very little pressure or tugging (AKA what you want for your pubic area). It’s also a smart move to keep a separate razor for shaving your pubes. We like the Gillette Pubic Hair Razor because it’s designed specifically for shaving your pubic area.
    • Anti-Chafe Stick – If you’ve never used an anti-chafe stick, trust us on this one. We recommend Gillette Intimate Pubic Anti-chafing Stick. Its effective and long-lasting formula reduces the rubbing and friction that can lead to itchiness and irritation.
      Hand Mirror (Optional) – A hand mirror is clutch when it comes to shaving those hard-to-see areas.
  2. Trimming Your Pubic Hair

    Trimming Your Pubic Hair

    Razors are designed for cutting short hair. So if you’ve let your pubes grow long (no judgment here), then the first step is to trim.

    To start trimming, you must first set up your trimmer. The Gillette Intimate Pubic Trimmer comes with three combs for different hair lengths. If you’ve never trimmed before, start with the longest length. You can also opt to use the sensitive comb for a gentle trim on delicate areas like the scrotum and shaft.

    When your trimmer has your chosen comb attached, you can enter your shower for easy cleanup later. However, trimming is best done on dry hair, so we recommend trimming your pubic hair before starting the water in your shower.

    When you are ready to start trimming, use short strokes and gentle pressure on the skin. Take your time and trim the areas you feel comfortable grooming in your pubic region.

    Here’s some advice for the tricky areas:

    • Scrotum & Shaft – This is where the skin is most sensitive, so take your time here. Gently stretch the skin to flatten the shaving surface as you go to help avoid nicks.
    • Between & Behind – If you can, try placing a foot on the side of the bath or on the toilet (just make sure that you’re well-balanced and standing on a non-slip surface). To better see what you’re doing, place a hand mirror on the floor.
  3. Shaving Your Pubic Hair

    Shaving Your Pubic Hair

    Once you’re all trimmed up, give your pubes some time to soak. Warm water hydrates and softens your pubic hair and skin for an easier cut. So, shower for a few minutes before you dive into shaving down there. In the meantime, you can wash the rest of your body…or practice your karaoke faves.

    Lubrication is essential for shaving, especially when you’re shaving pubic hair. Apply a liberal amount of a hydrating shaving cream like Gillette Intimate Pubic Shave Cream and Cleanser to your privates before manscaping.

    Here’s where technique comes into play. The key to shaving pubes is to use short strokes with gentle pressure. You can shave in any direction that feels comfortable, but shaving “with the grain” will help to avoid excess shaving irritation. Clean the blade in water every 2-3 strokes to keep your hair from blocking the blades. Rinse and repeat as you shave the parts of your pubic area that you feel comfortable grooming.

    Once you’re done shaving, rinse off, pat dry, and move on to the next step.

  4. Caring for Your Pubic Area Post-Shave

    Caring for Your Pubic Area Post-Shave

    Using an anti-chafe stick like Gillette Intimate Pubic Anti-chafing Stick is a game-changer. This no-mess product protects skin from friction, the #1 cause of itchiness and irritation. To use, glide the stick over any areas prone to irritation (including your thighs) and use your fingers to apply the product to hard-to-reach areas.

    And that’s it! Follow these five simple steps for a gentle and easy pubic shave.

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