Grooming one’s pubic hair involves a sensitive area; but with the right shaving tools, and the right shave regimen, you’ll be hair-free before you know it.

Shaving Your Pubic Hair

Armed with the right tools, like the All Purpose Gillette STYLER, shaving your pubic hair is pretty simple. Follow these steps to get great results every time:

  1. Step 1

    Step 1: Select a fixed comb length on your body hair trimmer

    The right comb length on your body hair trimmer can help you tame full, natural growth that hasn’t been touched by a razor for a while – or ever. The All Purpose Gillette STYLER comes with three comb attachments (2 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm) for you to choose from. The length of blade also allows you to take down length bit by bit, reducing the risk of pulling as you trim. 
  2. Step 2

    Step 2: Trim your pubic hair

    Trim your pubic hair. Trimming the hair before shaving can help prevent clogged blades. If you go straight to work without a trim, you’ll notice your blade clogging more often, and you’ll require more rinsing to clear those clogs.

    Trimming will also prevent hairs from being pulled, reducing irritation and risk of nicks and cuts. Nobody wants nicks and cuts, but it’s especially important to avoid them when shaving…sensitive areas.
  3. Step 3

    Step 3: Shower to soften hair, and make it easier to shave

    The water will help soften your pubic hair (which can be wiry, that’s what separates it from facial hair. That, and the distance from your face) and make it easier for the razor to glide over your skin. Gillette STYLER is waterproof so you can trim in the shower.

    Trimming in the shower will help with clean-up, too. Hair will collect near the drain, so you can easily grab it with a paper towel, or just wash it down.
  4. Step 4

    Step 4: Lather Up with Shave Gel and get ready for your shave

    A good lather helps to hydrate hairs, enhance razor glide, and protect your skin while you shave your pubic area. Let your shave gel sit on the area you’re shaving for a bit, to let it work its magic.

    Once your hair is soft, check your blade and make sure you’re ready for action.
  5. Step 5

    Step 5: Check for Dull Blades

    Blade feeling dull or lubrication strips looking faded? It may be time for you to swap your blade attachment before you begin. If you’re planning to shave in the shower, check your blades before you get in, nobody likes mopping up after themselves if you have to get out of the shower between shaving steps.

    Sharp blades will help ensure your razor glides smoothly through your hair. A dull blade will increase your risk of tug and pull, which, in turn, increases your risk of nicks and cuts. Even worse, dull blades can lead to post-shave irritation.

    Never run out of blades! Order new blades from Gillette today!
  6. Step 6

    Step 6: Shave with Light, Gentle Strokes

    Attach a Fusion5 blade to your STYLER. Shave with light, gentle strokes, rinsing often, and with the skin pulled taut. Don’t push too hard, let your blades do the work, that’s what they’re designed for. The harder you push when you shave, the more likely your shave will result in irritation and razor bumps.
  7. Step 7

    Step 7: Rinse Your Blades Often

    Run the blades gently under the faucet every few strokes, both the back and front sides of the blades, and then gently shake excess water off. Do not tap your razor against the sink or wipe against a towel; these habits can reduce the life of the razor by affecting the intricate design of the blade components. Rinsing the blades under running water helps to remove built-up shaving gel, hair, and dead skin.
  8. Step 8

    Step 8: Pull Your Skin Taut

    Create an even surface by pulling your groin skin taut with one hand and guiding your razor with the other. If you don’t pull your skin taut, it can get pulled in the way of the blades, leading to nicks and cuts, which, again, are no fun. Especially not when you’re shaving someplace sensitive…
  9. Step 9

    Step 9: Reapply Shave Gel As Needed

    You may find that you need to shave over the same spot in different directions to get a smooth shave. In order to help prevent razor burn in your pubic area, ensure that you reapply shave gel before you re-stroke.
  10. Step 10

    Step 10: Rinse, Dry, and Moisturize

    Rinse off the area you shaved. A quick rinse will let you examine your handiwork, while pulling away any stray hairs that might have gotten caught up in your shave gel.

    Moisturizing after shaving your pubic area is critical – it helps soothe the skin. Adding a moisturizer to your manscaping routine will help prevent itching and dry skin when your hair starts to grow back.

    Dry your skin thoroughly, too. Not that you’d put your boxers back on wet, but if on the off chance you were planning to, you run the risk of rubbing your freshly shaved skin, which can cause irritation.
  11. Congrats! You have just mastered Body Grooming 101!

    With Gillette razors and trimmers, your personal grooming possibilities are endless.
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