There's a Reason Gillette's Been Around for Over 100 Years

There's a Reason Gillette's Been Around for Over 100 Years

Gillette King

In 1901, King C. Gillette shook up the world of shaving by introducing a razor that gave men the option to get a shave in the convenience of their own home. King C. Gillette and his amazing razor were the first disruptors to the Grooming Category as well as the Barbershop industry. Committed to quality and nonstop innovation, it’s what Gillette still stands for today. And you’ll notice the difference in every shave.

Gillette King
Better Blades

Better Blades = More Outstanding Shaves

Those other shave clubs appear to be more focused on marketing than making the best blades possible. Gillette’s committed thousands of years of combined experience to make the world’s best quality blades1. Our best blades are long lasting, without sacrificing quality or comfort. Gillette is keenly focused on quality.

Better Blades
170 strokes

Be good to your face.

The average guy uses 170 strokes per shave, and of those, around 120 are re-strokes. That’s a lot of contact. So, it’s important to use the highest-quality blade to help protect your skin. Luckily, Gillette blades are specifically designed to do just that.

Mix Things Up - Your Way

At Gillette we know that guys want options – when it comes to razors, one size does not fit all. Gillette doesn’t just send you some standard-issue blade and handle. You get to pick. You get to mix and match. This kind of customization is available because many of Gillette’s handles and blades are compatible. It’s nice to have options.

Mix Things Up Mix Things Up

Limitless Innovation

As our founder famously said, “We’ll stop making blades when we can’t keep making them better.” We’ve been the leader in shaving innovation since 1901 and don’t plan on stopping any time soon. Developing a handle for every hand, and a blade for every face. Gillette is innovating for you — no matter your shaving needs.

No other razor company can come close.

Limitless Innovation Limitless Innovation

Real Reviews From Real Guys

The Best

After using both Dollar Shave Club and Harry's, I went back to Gillette. There's really no comparison. The weight and quality of the razor itself and the closeness of the shave is excellent.

- Ron 907

I came back for performance

After many, many years, I tried a new razor and company for several months. One day, after realizing the "new" razor wasn't getting as close I like, I went back to Fusion. I call it the yellow beard beater.

– BKFla

Best razor I've ever used

I tried the skin guard for the first time today. It’s the best razor I’ve ever used. Thanks for designing something for those of us with very sensitive skin. 👍🏾 Bravo

- ethanj2525

It is just amazing

My face feels so good when I use this razor. It is just amazing. Sadly my Harry's razors are just now sitting around not being used, after using this Fusion 5.

- Ron 907

Best razor blades there are

Best razor blades there are. I have used dollars shave club and other mail-order products. I just do not find they work as well for close smooth shave no matter how new their blades are.

– caojiyou

BEST Blade! BEST Shave!

The Fusion razor has provided me consistently with my best shave ever.

– wayne

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1Actual blade testing was conducted on a number of global competitors.

2When you subscribe to the Gillette Subscription Plan, you will get every 4th subscription order. Credits are awarded for each unique subscription plan and the value is equal to the lowest of the previous 3 subscription orders, included taxes.