What is Intimate Grooming?

Intimate grooming is when you trim or shave your pubic hair. A recent survey estimated that around 50% of men groom their pubes. So if you’re into it, you’re certainly not alone. But what are your options when it comes to intimate grooming (sometimes also called manscaping)? Should you shave? Should you trim? And what manscaping styles are most popular? We’ve got the answers.

Trimming Vs. Shaving

Shaving means using a razor to remove hair as close to the skin as possible. Trimming, on the other hand, uses a razor with a guard to cut the hair shorter but not remove it entirely.
Some guys prefer a clean shave, others an allover trim, and some guys prefer a mix of the two. For example, according to a survey by AYTM, 45.75% of men prefer a clean shave above the penis while 47.25% trim the area, leaving most of the hair. But the bottom line is: if and how you manscape is up to you.

How to Intimate Groom

So, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of how to groom your pubic area:

  • Regardless of whether you choose to trim or shave (or both), start with a trimmer. We recommend the Gillette Intimate Pubic Trimmer for all of your intimate area grooming needs.
  • Gillette Intimate Pubic Trimmer comes with three combs for different hair lengths. If you’ve never trimmed before, start with the longest length. You can also opt to use the sensitive comb for a gentle trim on delicate areas like the scrotum. Trimming is best done on dry hair, so begin this step before starting your shower.
  • To trim, make short strokes while applying gentle pressure to the skin. Then move onto shaving (if that’s what you’re into). Hop in the shower and let your skin and hair soak for a few minutes. Apply a shave gel or cream to any areas you want to shave. We like Gillette Intimate Pubic Shave Cream and Cleanser because it hydrates your pubic hair and skin to help prevent irritation.
  • Using a clean, sharp razor for the pubic region (like Gillette Intimate Razor for Men ), make short strokes while applying gentle pressure. Rinse the blade every 2-3 strokes to clean it off.
  • Once you’re done grooming, rinse with cold water and pat dry with a soft towel. Then apply Gillette Intimate Pubic Anti-Chafing Stick , which protects your newly-groomed area from rubbing that causes irritation and itching.

3 Popular Manscaping Styles

The following are some popular manscaping styles. Remember there is no wrong way to groom, and these are just ideas to use as inspiration.

1. Briefs

If your main concern is keeping your pubes neat and tidy so they don’t stick out of your clothing, then this is the intimate grooming style for you. Think of it as the manly equivalent of the bikini. Just shave all the pubic hair outside of your underwear.

2. Trimmed

This low-maintenance option utilizes a pube trimmer like Gillette Intimate Men’s Pubic Hair Trimmer to keep hairs short and tidy. This cordless electric pube trimmer has three different skin shield guards so you can trim to the length you like best.

3. Brazilian

This is the full monty. If you don’t want any hair down there, then the Brazilian is for you.
Tip: make sure that you have Gillette Intimate Pubic Anti-Chafing Stick on hand since this manscaping style is especially prone to skin irritation.

You can also try different combinations of shaving and trimming. For example, some men like to trim the hair above the penis and shave everything below. Some guys like to do it the other way around. There is no wrong answer!

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