Trust in our word is as important as trust in our product - they go together. There has been a lot of talk about Gillette recently – about our claims, our technology, our prices, our marketing – essentially about us as people who work here, and about what we stand for. So we want to talk to you directly about a few things we really care about.

First, Shaving is our passion – and we don’t mean the act of shaving every morning. We mean shaving as a science. For us, every detail counts. We do over 60 precise quality checks from raw material to final cartridge and it must pass every single time, or it will never leave our plants. We know of no other razor manufacturer globally who holds to this standard. We are working hard every day so that our best razors are better than any other product out there, because we want to give you the best shave possible and we want to be better than your expectation, every time. Why does this matter? Because we want you to start every day confident that you are using the best razor for the job, without worrying about the right shaving technique or getting irritations from low quality razors that are just repackaged with a fancy name and website.

Secondly, being the best isn’t always enough, and you told us that our blades can be too expensive. We heard you. Starting April 1 you can find the majority of Gillette blade refills in the United States at lower prices in most retailers, online and offline. This is a real price reduction, not just a temporary promotion. For the exact same products you are used to – no compromise on quality, period. Actual retail prices are at the sole discretion of retailer as is industry standard, and you can find an overview of our products and prices here.

Lastly, we’re excited that over 200,000 of you have come back to Gillette in just the last few weeks. Many of you have tried different products, and we’re proud that you came back to the Gillette quality you know you can trust. It is also a fact that between November 2013-October 2015 more than half of people who tried one of our competitors didn’t make another purchase – a fact that held true even before we started our Welcome Back offer last year. We know that some competitors may not like it, but in the end it’s the quality of the shave that should matter most.

We work hard. We’ve been around for more than 115 years, built on the values of quality, innovation and trust, and that’s something we don’t plan to change.

Thank you for trusting us with your faces, every day,

- The Faces Behind the Blades, the Men and Women of Gillette –